In addition to our consulting services, we also offer a few products
to make your TeamSite platform more powerful.

Klish Group


Klish Group has developed FluintĀ® to seamlessly integrate TeamSite wth leading translation providers.

  • Fluint® integrates with Lionbridge, ONTRAM, Clay Tablet and XTM
  • Translation operations are controlled via TeamSite workflow processes
  • Allows centralized control of the entire translation process within TeamSite, leveraging the Content Center UI
  • Supports translation of any file type stored in TeamSite including metadata extended attributes and SitePublisher pages

Click here to learn more about Fluint.

Cloudinary Connector

Cloudinary is a market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image management solution.

  • Klish Group has integrated the Cloudinary Media Library widget into TeamSite so users can easily select images, videos and PDFs from their Cloudinary account
  • The TeamSite "connector" provides the ability to select a Cloudinary asset within a TeamSite DCR, Component Datum or TinyMCE content window, preventing the need to store any assets in TeamSite
  • The connector handles displaying the Cloudinary Media Library UI from TeamSite and processes the Cloudinary JSON response back into TeamSite, taking all development burden off your IT staff
Click here to learn more about Cloudinary.